Every year in Gotvik we invite you to a party where we light up the autumn darkness with song, dance, games and general moral relaxation. It’s a weekend full of food, drink and good company where decadence and the people’s more worldly pleasures take center stage. This year’s theme is Masquerade Ball, so put on your dancing shoes and masquerade mask to party away.

Who will win best masquerade mask and what other secrets will emerge during the Festival as darkness and moral laxity and decadence take hold? It remains to be seen.

This year we are going big and will have a masquerade, there will be dancing, mask making for adults and children.

Unfortunately, we do not have any fighting on the schedule, but with that said, there is nothing to prevent participants from taking part in it themselves and having fighting training with each other.

The Baron and Baroness of Gotvik therefore once again invite you all to join us in celebrating earthly pleasures at the Festivalo de Caderas on November 11-13 in the most shining of baronies.

Schedule for the event

18.00 The site opens
20.00 Dinner

08.00-09.30 Breakfast
10.00-12.00 Dance class
10.00-12.00 Mask making
12.00 Coffee
15.00-17.00 Banquet
17.30 Masquerade Ball
19.30 Court
Evening snack

08.00-09.30 Breakfast
12.00 The site closes

Event with starts on Friday at 18.00 and ends on Sunday at 12.00, last day of registration and last day of payment is the 5th of November.

We will follow Sweden’s corona restrictions and reserve the right to make certain changes quickly because of that.

Register here: Registration

Event Fee:

Full Weekend 580 SEK
Day pass 440 SEK
Children (10-16 age) Full Weekend 480 SEK
Children (10-16 age) Day pass 340 SEK
Children (0-9 age) FREE 0 SEK

Without the Banquet:
Full Weekend 420 SEK
Day pass 280 SEK
Children (10-16 age) Full Weekend 320 SEK
Children (10-16 age) Day pass 180 SEK

Ödsmål’s Bygdegård, Berg 502, 444 95 Ödsmål
58°06’41.0″N 11°52’24.6″E

The nearest airport is Landvetter outside of Gothenburg.
By train the closed are Stenungsund.

We do pick-ups just contact Margareta Arvidsdotter.

Lady Alfhild de Foxley (Alfhild Thörner): ekorren.rosengren at gmail.com
Margareta Arvidsdotter (Sonja Erlandsson) sonjaerlandsson19 at gmail.com

Matocrats: Alyedis von Vilvorde (Eva Andersson) and Katerina av Ystad (Katarina Dahllöf)

Royal liaison: Margareta Arvidsdotter (Sonja Erlandsson) sonjaerlandsson19 at gmail.com